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We are a company with great experience in the field of new technologies, especially with the advice on the importance of the presence in the Internet network, computer science for companies with general information systems and. Our years of experience in this sector have been endorsed since 1997, when our first business was opened for the public offering computer, office and internet resources from that time. With the influence that is causing companies the recession that the current market lives, we have seen with the obligation to improve and expand the services in order to be able to offer an integral service. To achieve this goal we have created a group of companies with which we have signed a contract of commitments to offer the highest quality and professionalism.

We adapt to the needs of each client and we make the studies of the budgets to their size. At present, both the lack of resources and the fact of going beyond them, because they have a very negative influence on the company's economy. A study done correctly guarantees good exploitation and amortization.

Do not hesitate to contact us without any commitment, we do not disappoint.

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Conexio Serveis, S.L. - 936 547 747
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